The Day of Your Procedure

Dress in light, loose clothing. Button down shirts are preferable to pullovers and are essential if you are having shoulder, breast, or hand surgery. Loose, drawstring pants are ideal. Do not wear makeup, hair products, or perfumes (including scented oils, sprays, and lotions).  Remove nail polish if you are having surgery on your hands, wrists or feet.  For your safety, all jewelry and all types of body piercings must be removed.  No plastic spacers allowed when the piercing is near an airway such as nose, lip or mouth.

Kindly arrive on or before the time given to you the day before surgery by the center staff.

Please bring:

  • A list of all your current medications, including any herbal supplements
  • An eyeglass case if you wear glasses, contact lens case for contact lenses
  • Crutches, if your doctor prescribed them for foot, ankle or knee surgery
  • Your insurance and ID card(s), referrals, co pay and/or deductible
  • Guardianship papers or requested legal documents.

Please do not bring:

  • Valuables. Please leave your wallet, cash, credit cards, jewelry and any other valuables at home.
  • Please do not bring small children. Anyone who comes with you should be attending to you. If you are accompanying your child for surgery, you need your full attention for that child and should not be distracted by caring for other children.

In consideration of all of our patients please be advised:

Cell phone and other electronic device use may be used with discretion in the patient care areas for both safety and privacy reasons.