Gynecological surgery refers to surgery on the female reproductive system. Gynecological surgery is usually performed by gynecologists. It includes procedures for benign conditions, cancer, infertility, and incontinence, and various other conditions. Gynecological surgery may occasionally be performed for elective or cosmetic purposes.

Gynecological Surgeons on staff at Summit:

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Practice Name: The OB/GYN Specialists

Practice Name: OB/GYN Care of Southern NJ

Practice Name: Women's Group for OB/GYN

Practice Name: Center for Specialized GYN

Practice Name: Women's Health Associates

  • Megan Miller, MD

Practice Name: Jeffrey R. Levine, MD

Practice Name: John J. Litz, Jr., MD

Practice Name: Magness & Stafford OB/GYN

Practice Name: Women's Health Associates

Practice Name: Stemmer OBGYN

Practice Name: Regional Women's Health Group, LLC


Practice Name: Garden State OB/GYN Associates